Sankhya Yoga & Buddhi Yoga :- SHLOK 56
56. He whose heart is not distressed in calamities, from whom all longing for pleasures has departed, who is free from attachment, fear and wrath, he is called a sage, a man of steady knowledge.His heart if not distressed in calamities such as may arise from disorder in the body , (adhyatmika), etc. Unlike fire, which increases as fuel is added, his longing for pleasures does not increase as more pleasures are attained. He is said to be a man of steady knowledge. He is called a sage, a Sannyasin, one who has renounced works.(3) Absence of attachment, delight and aversion.
Sri Shankaracharaya
56. He does not hanker after happiness, nor does he get perturbed or agitated by misery or unhappiness; whether it is good or bad, he takes in his stride whatever comes his way without attachment or hatred;
Sri. Gangolli D.B
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